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    Welcome to Hangzhou Xinanjiang Industrial Pump Co., Ltd.

    Concentrate on R&D, design and production
    of the industrial pump for 25 years

    Incompatrably superior
    Craftsmen's elaboration, durable corrosion resistance

    Prominent anticorrosion
    Research and develop anticorrosion patent technology independently, select anticorrosion raw materials according to the working condition
    Excellent sealing
    Self-design mechanical seal material with high matching degree and low replacement frequency
    Long performance life
    PP winding equipment whose service life can be over 15 years is introduced
    Environmental protection and energy saving
    Research and develop with innovation, energy consumption is lower under the same working condition
    Security and reliable
    Manufacture automatically and detect performance to keep low failure rate and reliable quality
    Lower maintenance costs
    Easy to operate, convenient to use, thus reducing maintenance costs

    Engineering case
    Have been recognized by more than 8000 customers
    Tens of thousands of cases have been successfully applied to extend the enterprise application field

    Strong strength builds resplendenceXin'anjiang which is based on quality and service is an approved supplier of industrial pump

    • Production strength
    • Product research
    • Manufacturing technique
    • After-sale service

     Cooperative customers

    Hangzhou Xinanjiang Industrial Pump Co., Ltd., a hi-tech enterprise established in Sep. 1992 and incorporating R&D, design, production, distribution and system integration. Located by the scenic national tourist Xin’an River and Qiandao Lake, with only 5km away from the exit of Hangxinjing Expressway. Our factory covers a land of 40,000m2 now...

    25 years
    Chemical anti-corrosive
    Cooperative customers

    News center
    Concentrate on R&D, design and production of the industrial pump for 25 years

    Contact us

    Hangzhou Xinanjiang Industrial Pump Co., Ltd.

    Add: 88 Jiaoshuwan Industrial Function Zone, Xiaya, Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 
    Tel: +86 571-64139900
    E_mail: Info@xajpump.com

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